Fuel Drain Services

Put the wrong fuel in your tank?

If you've put petrol in a diesel vehicle or diesel in a petrol vehicle, Wrong Fuel UK can provide you with a 24-hour mobile fuel drain service, quickly and safely at a competitive rate. If more convenient, you could book your fuel drain in advance and enjoy a 10% discount! Wrong Fuel UK are available 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week. We can drain, flush and refuel your vehicle anywhere in the UK and get you back on the road.

Fuel System Cleaning

Wrong Fuel UK specialise in fuel drainage and fuel cleaning systems. When you fill a vehicle with the wrong fuel and drive, the contaminated fuel enters the fuel lines, fuel pump and engine. Petrol in a diesel engine acts like a solvent reducing lubrication that can cause damage to the fuel pump through metal to metal contact. Particulates and metal shearings from the fuel pump can then be carried to the engine and cause more extensive damage. HDI (common rail) and GDI diesel engines are particularly susceptible to damage if the contaminated fuel carries debris to the common rail, injectors or high pressure fuel pump. Wrong Fuel UK can flush the system through, cleaning all contaminated components and removing the debris leaving the vehicle safe to refuel and restart.

How do we do it?

  • Firstly we will drain all the wrong fuel from the tank weather it's diesel from a petrol or petrol from a diesel tank.
  • Then we refuel and can add a cleaning solution to flush the fuel lines, tank, fuel pump and engine to remove all debris and clean contaminated areas, we also offer our Terraclean engine ultra flush which will decarbonise the engine from injectors through to exhaust.
  • We then prime the system and we restart your vehicle ensuring that no further fuel related problems exist.
  • You are now ready to continue your journey!

No Fuel?

If you have run out of fuel, Wrong Fuel UK can also help you. Wherever you are in the UK, Wrong Fuel UK can deliver fresh fuel to your stricken vehicle and get you back on the road. Just call our 24-hour Helpline FREE!


If you have broken down Wrong Fuel UK can arrange for fast and efficient recovery of your vehicle and you. Just call our 24 hour helpline for assistance.

What you should do if you have put the wrong fuel in your car...

  1. Don't panic - Wrong Fuel UK can help you!
  2. Don't start your engine. If however, you have driven then stop and pull over somewhere safe.
  3. Call Wrong Fuel UK for free advice. Wrong Fuel UK are open 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week.
  4. Call us on 0800 999 3835 or 0333 900 3835 (inclusive with mobile minutes).

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

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ProFuel Services Ltd are an approved mobile TerraClean service operator


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