Customer Reviews

"Very impressive service, quick response (less than half an hour), very efficient (took less than half an hour to complete whole procedure) but, most importantly, two very kind people, who not only fixed my car, but also looked after me while I was feeling like a blithering idiot. I didn't catch the woman's name, but many thanks to her, and to Tim, who came and rescued me and my car."
"Stupid mistake , petrol instead of diesel . Member of staff at garage gave me your card and I gave you a call . Your staff arrived , immediately established rapport , ( witty banter ) fixed my mistake and showed me the correct pump ( ha ha ) and sent me on my way . I like the subtle signage on the van and had to comment " like rubbing salt in my wounded pride " . Thoroughly pleasant experience but not one to repeat"
"Fantastic service by friendly people. Thank you so much for coming out to me today. You were fantastic !! Very highly recommended xx"
"Thanks for a very rapid and friendly response when I called you on Monday after having put Petrol in my Diesel car. Your service was faster and cheaper than my roadside recovery . Regards Gary"
"Thank you for coming to our rescue today and for saving us the extra £50 our recovery service wanted to charge us."
"Thank you for coming to my rescue today, even though very embarrassed, you saved the day and a massive bill! Will recommend to anyone........"
"Thanks you ever sooo much for helping me get out of a jam and without spending an absolute fortune. Your staff were friendly, helpful and walked me through every step of the way to get me back on the road. Definitely be recommending you to friends who need help!!! "
"Very efficient friendly service at a competitive price. Hope never to have to use them again though!!"
"Thank you for the swift response and excellent friendly service. I highly recommend wrong fuel ltd, as my own breakdown service (RAC) we're going to take two days, and cost more. Thank you again."
" I put petrol to my diesel. Fortunately I realised in time. It was bank holiday Monday late at night just outside Truro. Called the AA who wanted a great deal of money and would take 4 hours. Wrong Fuel Ltd responded within 75 minutes and whole process took about 30 mins to sort out and I was on my way. The charge was £160- half the AA quote. Cannot speak highly of the owners. Thanks for a great service. Car running just fine. Mike"
"Fantastic service!!! Wrong fuel LTD was with me within 10 minutes, got the job done quickly and efficiently, made sure I was up and running fine followed me to the garage to make sure all was ok, couldn't of asked for a better service. 10 out of 10 "
"many thanks to the team thank came out to me..unfortunatly i put diesel in my tank when i filled up at an esso garage in torquay..shortly after driving about half a mile my bike coughed and spluttered to a halt....the team from wrong flow were called via my insurance company mce.. loverly couple there are.. not normally called out to drain a bike of diesel...only once previously he told me which he solved the problem quite quickly as it had not been driven after rider realised what he d done....i had drove my bike about half a mile then coughed and spluttered and on smelling disel realised what had happened and fearing the worse that i had killed the engine...after some tense time for me and him he got my my bike going again..he wasn t gonna give all those plonkers that do what i did call these people out and get a job well done ..many thanks"
"Absolutely fabulous... speedy and professional service, at almost half the cost quoted by the AA... Thank you"
"True to their word, with me in less than hour, to rescue me from my dilemma. I had filled my diesel car with petrol!!! What an embarrassment, with Wrong Fuel Ltd they responded quickly & efficiently, draining my car of the contaminated fuel and taking the hassle out of disposing the waste product safely & topping my car with enough diesel to get me back on the four court to fill my car with the correct fuel. They stayed with me until they sure everything was ok, which was reassuring. I was back on the road within 90 minutes of reporting my mishap, thanks to Wrong Fuel Ltd. They bettered AA's response time of 2 hours to recover the vehicle only and then arrange for collection of the vehicle the following day to take to a garage with only an estimate of 16hrs to 20hrs before I would be back on the road!!!! At a fraction of the price too. An excellent service, thank you Sarah "
"Fast profession service, many thanks"
"had to call them out when i filled up my laguna with petrol instead of diesel 65 litres so i did a good job of it the technicians were with me within 15 minutes and drained tank completly and made sure i got car started after it was refilled i was still on the garage forecourt esso outland road but i had started car to free up the pump they were very helpful and could not have done more not that i want to do it again i will keep there card in car in case i ever need it again and i would recomend them to anybody in the same situation neil"
"Great service, quick helpful and reliable. Put the wrong fuel in my car and was worried that it was going to cost me a lot of money to fix. I phoned wrongfuel and they put my mind at ease and gave me a competitive quote. They came to my home exactly when they quoted and got my car running within 45 minutes and gave me advice on what to do after. Very pleased with the service they provided and would definitely recommend to all others that are silly enough to put the wrong fuel in the car."
"having called the AA and been quoted £240 plus a wait of an hour and three quarters I was recommended to call Wrong Fuel. Not only could they get to me in just over an hour they also undercut the AA by £70 !! When they turned up they were both friendly and sympathetic (to my stupidity). I would highly recommend them if like me you commit an act of thickness. 5 stars!"
"How refreshing to get wonderful, speedy service, reasonably priced to fix a stupid mistake problem !! I will certainly recommend Wrong fuel Ltd. to friends and family, but I really hope they will not require them!! The garage at Oaklands, Aylesbeare were most helpful, and phoned WF for me. Thanks so much."
"Help arrived timely, very helpful and pleasant. When stressed and tired, it helps enormously for such service"
"Very impressed with the quick responce and the politeness of the company. Couldn't of provided a better service. I recomend them if you are in trouble. And a great price . Thanks "
"What a brilliant, professional, prompt and friendly service!! At a very reasonable price too.... would definitely use again (hopefully I won't have too). thanks guys"
"Brilliant team, so helpful. Great service above and beyond! Thank you so much for helping me. Would 100% recommend their service. Karen"
"I cannot thank these guys enough, quick to get to me, highly professional, understanding and extremely nice and professional, and very cheap considering! Thanks again guys and hope you get your Chinese at some stage! See you soon for the Terraclean! Matt Burns"
"I put unleaded in a deseil car. You was very helpful. got me going again thank u"
"Thank you for rescuing me. Very friendly and fast service. You got it sorted fast and took the time to explain what needed to be done. Really appreciated your help on this cold Sunday afternoon. "
"great service by very good staff"
"On 6/2/16 one of your good ladies (Kate) visited me in the pouring rain to sort me out after having filled my tank with petrol instead of diesel fuel. Her performance was brilliant. My car sat in two inches of water, and after first attending to safety aspects (i.e. placing cones, earthing electrical system, etc.) within minutes she had emptied my tank of its wrongful content. During this time she cheered me up with her positive chat (I was not at my best in the circumstances!) and stayed at the location until she was satisfied that my car was running satisfactorily after I had filled it with the correct fuel. I have forgotten to mention that she arrived at exactly the time she had forecast by phoning me previously. All in all a fantastic demonstration of good customer service. Thanks. "
"Very quick and efficient and very very reasonable, thought it would be a fortune but really surprised it wasn't at all ! then they made sure I was OK before they left. They really need more advertising as I had never hear of them until they popped up on the internet. Wish I had known about them a week earlier before my own garage had got it wrong ! Very Good Service Thank You"
"Lifesavers. Saved me a lot of time and money compared with my dealers 'help-line' solution. A bit of humour is always welcome and the quip "Is the green one" when saying I needed to fill up was well received. Your card is now in my car pack just in case I have a chimp moment again...... I'll distribute them at work too. Thanks again for a great service. (Can you do anything about my wife's bad mood?) Steve G"
"After an un-noticed fueling mishap at the pump, I managed to get my car halfway home before I ran into problems. I got the car home and talked to Tim from Wrongfuel who arranged a convenient time to come to my house the next day and reassured me that my car would be fine. Tim duly arrived the next day and had my car sorted in about 25-30 minutes. I was worried that my car might run badly for a while after flushing but I drove to Dorset and back (160 miles) the same day with absolutely no trouble at all. I heartily recommend Wrongfuel if you find yourself in the same position I did. However, I would suggest not trying to start the car or drive it home if you're unlucky enough to make the same mistake. Thanks guys, great job!! "
"Excellent service!! Very helpful, non judgemental and friendly service. Would recommend them to anyone. "
"Very quick response and excellent service by a young lady technician. I would recommend without doubt. Hope not to use their services for wrong fuel again. But you never know. Jamie"
"Excellent service, from a bright and friendly technician, at a price which was very reasonable, especially considering I'd just spent over £1000 getting the engine right."
"No time is a good time to put the wrong fuel in your car! However, if you do, definitely call these guys. Kate was quick to arrive, very jolly and very thorough. According the the local petrol station we went to afterwards, much cheaper than some alternatives. We had driven 7 miles on the wrong stuff and after seemingly getting every drop of petrol out for us, the car started first time and continued reasonably happily from there. Not that we want to do this again, but if we do, this number is now safely stored on my phone. "
"Thank you Kate for your excellent and friendly professional service. We have already recommended you to other people should they have the misfortune of accidentally putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle."
"I put the wrong fuel in my car, rang this number, Jim was a very understanding man and didn't laugh! but got on his phone and rang Kate who was with me about 35 minutes. She was fantastic very friendly and very knowledgeable, she sorted me out, put fuel back in and started my car, which didn't want to start, so Kate got her jump leads out and got me going! Absolutely would recommend this company, hopefully I will not need them again but somebody might!!"
"Kate came to my rescue on 2 August in a petrol station at the top of Telegraph Hill near Exeter. She got to me when she said she would and had a very positive attitude with the job done promptly. I hope never to make the same mistake again but if I do I would go to you first, assuming I'm in your area. "
"Stupidly put wrong fuel in car. Lady who came to my assistance. Very pleasent, with a great sense of humour. . . A lady who new her job and carried out the task correctly. Many thanks. In the nicest possible way I do hope are paths do not cross again unless I do the same stupid mistake. Again many thanks for your help."
"To end the day what did I do? Was so looking forward to driving my just repaired vehicle (very expensive job) and I go and put a full tank of petrol in a diesel engine. Why you ask? What a plonker. Anyway, the engine spluttered and lost power soon after leaving the petrol station. A neighbour fortuetiously appeared from nowhere, stopped behind my parked car with hazard lights flashing and kindly offered to take me home. I did a Google search and Wrongfueluk came up, I called them and they were a third less expensive that my break-down service charge. I received a great service from Wrongfueluk and soon had the problem dealt with. My worries soon disappeared and I was on my way. Quick, efficient and all done within the hour. Thanks."
"Brilliant service. Very kind and understanding of my idiocy of putting unleaded in my diesel! Not doing that again!"
"Kate came to my rescue and was fantastic.... Felt like ld known her for years by the time shed helped me out....."
"I had these guys attend my vehicle on the A303 near sparkford. The technician that arrived Tim was brilliant he had me back up and running within 40 mins and was even phased by the heaven opening up he carried on regardless. A five star service by a five star technician I would defiantly use these guys again should the need arise, contacting directly next time. Many thanks for getting this fool out of a jam. Regards Eddie Sutherland "
"The service offered by this business is extremely effective, professional and quick. The lady that performed the removal of wrong fuel was highly skilled and gave us confidence that everything would be ok. Cheaper than some of the other wrong fuel companies out there and fantastic dedication and attended our incident within 20 minutes even after having to purchase additional diesel for us. Thank you Wrong Fuel UK. You're fab."
"Please thank Kate so much for rescuing me at Ashburton Motor Works yesterday afternoon. My day had begun leaving Cardiff at 6am on the train to London, and then I had just got off the train at Newton Abbot (on my way back to home in Cornwall) and picked up my new car, freshly imported from Japan. She was a star and I am so grateful for her help and expertise."
"Excellent service yesterday. It was very refreshing seeing a lady doing the job and being so efficient. (I don't know why I am surprised) it was my husband who put the wrong fuel in not me! My sons were fascinated by what she was doing. Thank you so much for what you did and how you helped us. X"
"The young lady who deals with our station is pretty awesome, she has a great sense of humour and always makes the customers laugh. I've never put wrong fuel in, but we refer the customers to these guys. Will always beat any quote as a rule. Always a fast response and it's nice to see a woman doing a man's job. The amount of looks she gets when she turns up is priceless. Always polite aswell. Many thanks to you all who work within this company "
"The young lady who deals with our station is pretty awesome, she has a great sense of humour and always makes the customers laugh. I've never put wrong fuel in, but we refer the customers to these guys. Will always beat any quote as a rule. Always a fast response and it's nice to see a woman doing a man's job. The amount of looks she gets when she turns up is priceless. Always polite aswell. Many thanks to you all who work within this company "
"At a filling station on A38 west bound near Chudleigh at about 16.00 on Monday 4 August 13 litres of lead free petrol was erroneously introduced into the diesel fuel tank of my KIA Sedona I am severely disabled and cannot stand or walk. I have a medical condition which can easily turn into a life threatening situation. Therefore I subscribe to KIA Assist/RAC in the believe that I could get timely assistance for all vehicular problems. On Monday last I contacted Kia assist who informed me that there would be a 90 minute wait and that a nearby garage would make contact in 10 minutes. 20 minutes later a garage from Torquay made contact to say that there would be a wait of 90 Minutes, that they couldn't do a roadside fuel drain and that they would have to take my car on a lorry to their garage, that they couldn't take me in my wheelchair in my car on the lorry because of insurance reasons and that the job at their garage would take 30 minutes. This was impossible, the time delay alone would provoke a medical emergency Complained to RAC who said that they couldn't find a road side drain service in the area. 90 minutes having now elapsed I was on the point of calling 999 when the filling station gave me your card. Your operative Tim said on the phone that he could be with us in 30 minutes and could do a roadside drain. Kia Assist and RAC cancelled. Tim arrived in 30 minutes did the drain and we were on our way in 15. Tim was efficient, courteous and informative You charge was a lot cheaper than RAC All of our friends and colleagues advised of Many Thanks "
"Excellent Service. I would highly recommend! The service both during the initial call and the technician that arrived to right my wrong were both friendly, helpful and informative. Hoping I won't make the same mistake twice, but will definitely use again if so and I will be recommending to my friends and family. Thanks again."
"Having been particularly foolish, by not paying attention, i, like so many others before me and probably many more after me, managed to put the wrong fuel in my car's tank. With the help of the caring staff at the Tesco fuel station and a quick phone call later, a young lady arrived in her van and set about putting me back on the road. Within a short time the tank was drained and i was able to refill with the correct mixture and continue my journey. I am most grateful for the help I received and the efficient service. A big thank you."
"I'm pleased to add my voice to all the positive comments here. The problem was dealt with by Kate, who proved to be very friendly, helpful and capable."
"Muppet moment - Petrol into my diesel tank - thank heavens for Kate @ ProFuelServices so helpful , incredible service - if you have a muppet moment call Kate nothing is too much trouble, she’ll have your car storted and running with minimal fuss, cannot recommend the service enough - I’m an AA member- Kate was half their estimated cost and could sort the car within the hour ."
"Wow, a really great service from these guys! Starting with the first phone call, where they were very understanding and reassuring, to the van arrival, where they cracked on with the job in a highly professional and friendly manner, to the after-sales communication, where they were immensely helpful - the whole experience for me was the silver lining in the dark cloud of my utter idiocy in putting the wrong fuel in my car. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, obvious deep knowledge, and friendliness. Many thanks!"
"A very lovely lady Kate came and sorted out my car after my very silly mistake, she made me feel so much better and not so stupid, was so much cheaper than others I phoned, well on time and very quick to get me back on the road. I can't recommend wrong fuel enough, excellent customer service don't hesitate to use. Thank you Kate and wrong fuel x"
"Reassurance from the start! After my husband had mistakenly put diesel into my petrol engine, we thought we had a disaster on our hands. A call to Wrong Fuel quickly put our minds at rest. We were offered immediate attendance but as we still had 2 lively dogs to walk we requested time to complete that. The team accommodated our request and set a time shortly after. Kate arrived promptly and worked with amazing speed and efficiency to drain, clean, refill and check my car. She then spent time ensuring that it was running properly and followed my husband to the garage to make sure there were no further problems although fairly confident there wouldn't be any! A friendly, cheerful and confident young lady who I am sure could take the stress out of any situation like this! Thank you so much :-) "
"Absolutely awesome service was so nice to see a woman she was absolutely fantastic and was so friendly was nice to have a bit of a banter in an awkward situation highly recommend thanks for the excellent service:) my mrs Will never let me forget lol "
"Very pleased with the service, no fuss or bother and the fuel exchange was soon done so can recommend Profuel without hesitation"
"Put petrol into diesel car - der!!!! Lovely friendly lady came to help within 30 mins of call and did a fantastic job with both me and the car- many thanks! Would happily recommend ...."
"Thankyou, Thankyou, THANKYOU. Your friendly, prompt and value for money service ensure I did t miss too much of my little boys birthday. "
"Kate came out to drain unleaded from diesel tank. A lovely person. Knows her stuff. Would recommend anytime. Thank you kate for the jump start afterwards and accompanying me to the local garage for refuel and in case I needed another jump start. You are the best. Brendan"
"Petrol in a diesel!! The garage I was in immediately gave me the card for this company and what a service!! Rang, gave my details and paid a deposit. Kate was with myself and my husband within the hour and we were all done and dusted within 20 minutes Totally professional in every way. Can not fault this service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend "
"The petrol station had 'Wrong Fuel' contact number which was very useful. The person I spoke to over the phone was professional and understanding. Kate came within half and hour as mentioned over the phone. She was brilliant, she quickly assessed whether or not we were in a safe place for her to deal with my car. She let me know what she was doing at each step. She was very helpful, smiley and reassuring all the time. I deferentially recommend them and I've passed their details to my colleagues at work!! "
"Morrisons Garage, Plymstock Quick response, 40mins, estimated arrival, advanced call 10mins before arrival. Very cheerful, helpful and friendly lady that arrived. Very helpful sorted within 30 mins. Job well done by an expert. Thank You. "
"An angel in disguise A vey efficient service by a delightful young woman. I didn’t wait too long, and was amazed at her control of everything. I would certainly recommend the company "
"Brilliant service. I tried RAC, a competitor and even the garage next door to the BP where I messed up. NONE of them could match the price of Wrong Fuel. Service was professional, quick and thorough - I cannot recommend them enough. Thanks for helping me out of a jam. Lawrence "
"First class. Knowledgeable, professional and highly recommended. I hope I don,t do it again but if I do I know who to call."
"My daughter is in Cornwall and, in a moment of absent mindedness, put diesel in her petrol car. She rang me distraught. Within half an hour, someone was en route to help her. The guy on the phone told me exactly what was needed and what would be done. It was quick, efficient and effective. Would highly recommend."
"Having put £25 worth of unleaded in my husband diesel car I went into melt down until I contacted Wrong Fuel , who were recommended by the garage forecourt workers. I cannot praise this service enough. Absolutely superb friendly reassuring from the very first Contact. Kate you are most definitely an Angel. It was lovely to have somebody who was as professional , knowledgeable but most importantly friendly as you were. I wish you and the company continued success you truly deserve it. X"
"Kate arrived at the time she had given, and got me on my way in short order. Professional, friendly and super positive service!"
"Very quick response, efficient, friendly and affordable service, highly recommended. "
" I had never owned a diesel car until recently. I Inadvertently put petrol in my diesel car. Contacted my breakdown company who suggested I have the wrong fuel / profuel to attend my car. Along came a lady in a very big sign written van, and heck, she really knew what she was doing. Put my mind at rest in no time at all with her confident and professional approach to the problem. Cheerfully she went to work on my motor. Very quickly my tank was cleared of the wrong juice, and thoroughly too. In went the diesel she had brought along. In no time my car was running brilliantly. I cant thank this lady enough, and I would offer the reader the highest recommendation to feel confident to ask this team for help. Thank you to the lady.. "
"i would like to say that i was treated with respect and kindness from the lovely lady that came to empty my wrong fuel, and when the van didnt want to start she got it going again a real Angel many thanks Mrs Dart"
"Like a muppet managed to put unleaded into the diesel tank! Stopped the car before it started chugging and called my insurance breakdown who contacted your company. You were busy and I had to wait an hour so. You kept me well informed with updates as to what was happening. Kate turned up all smiles and and chatty and within 20 mins or so had drained the tank and supplied some diesel to get me to the next garage. Overall a great experience and a brilliant service. I shall keep the card that you gave me in my wallet and hopefully will never need it again. Massive thanks to Kate for the help and witty chat! Keep up the good work."
"My call was answered immediately, help arrived at the time stated and the operation was completed quickly. Kate was very friendly, helpful and efficient."
"Excellent service when we put petrol in the diesel car at Trago Mills Garage. We had to wait an hour but that was understandable given the area you cover. The whole experience was made better by your cheerful and helpful mechanic! I hope we won't need to use your services again but if so we would definitely use your company!"
"Whoops !! Put petrol in my diesel car. Luckily the lovely Kate rushed to my rescue. She made it to my location in under an hour. Extremely professional, approachable, understanding and efficient. Really nice lady. Excellent service. No problem in recommending. Thank you."
"I mistook the VPower in Shell Garge at Trago Mills, Newton Abbot and put 40 litres of diesel in my beautiful 1988 Classic Car instead of unleaded petrol. Luckily I noticed as I cradled the nozzle and did not attempt to drive off but was still gutted. I phoned my breakdown company to be told that my Insurers did not cover this type of incident. Luckily the ladies in the petrol station gave,me a Profuel Services Card. I rang and spoke to Katy who was with me withiin the hour, carefully extracted the contaminated fuel in the tank and had me back on my way in another hour. Excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone!"
"Called at midday on Saturday 18th May paid £60 deposit and told Tim would be there in the hour, arrived just past the hour, drained vehicle and put £5 of diesel in car to get me on my way, took approx 30 mins, over 40 litres, very good service but hopefully won’t see him again !!! As by magic a lady walked over to my car, she had done exactly the same thing, over to you Tim."
"Wonderful mechanic rescued us in good time. No nonsense approach I felt thoroughly confident that the work would be carried out efficiently. I would recommend this company and am keeping the business card handy for when my husband does the same thing again! "
"Stupidly put 25 litres premium into my diesel vehicle . Contacted Pro Fuel and they were with me within an hour . The most charming young lady helped us and we were soon on our way. Excellent service ,highly recommended."
"Brilliant service the lady who attended was very knowledgeable and knew her stuff everything was sorted within a couple of hours would highly recommend couldn't fault her thanks for helping us out."
"What a fantastic lady, I was on last full day of my holiday in Cornwall and put petrol in diesel car. Came to me within the hour, she drained my tank flushed it and got me going. Highly recommed this company. 1st class service Thank you"
"Fantastic service, couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough. Really friendly and obviously was trying her best to make sure I could head off as soon as possible. Thank you very much!!"
"Ooops, petrol in a diesel car (my husband not me) but a lovely young lady called Kate came to our rescue. She set to immediately and drained the tank, cleaned it and got it started. Kate followed us to the Petrol station and made sure we had no further problems. She was so friendly and very efficient - please pass on our thanks to her. Will not hesitate to recommend your service."
"Brilliant work guys. They are arrived right on time and got the job done with the minimum of fuss. Thank you so much. 👍"
"I would like to say a thank you for a very speed, efficient service "
"Put 6 litres unleaded into diesel micra. Kate came out to me in pouring rain. Drained fuel tank and got me going again. Very pleasant lady, brilliant service. Many thanks. Would recommend this service anytime"
"Very competent lady. Phoned me to confirm the time of appointment and turned up exactly on time. Whole process took half an hour including emptying out the fuel, replacing with complimentary correct fuel to get me going and checking that the car was operating properly before leaving. I was very, very happy with the whole experience. Many thanks for sorting out what can be a horrid problem! "
"Very, very grateful and relieved to learn of 'Wrong Fuel Ltd.' after I filled up with petrol in my diesel car. I was in such a panic but was assured that all would be well and help was on its way. 'Dan' arrived and set to work, removing the petrol and cleaning all traces before adding some diesel fuel to the tank and getting the car started again. Before leaving, he made sure it was starting each time and able to run at idling speed without cutting out. I hope never to need his services again (!) but it's a huge relief to know that such a business exists in times of absentmindedness and panic. I wholeheartedly recommend 'Wrong Fuel Ltd' to every motorist."
"I'm writing on behalf of my husband and I. After using the wrong fuel on a trip to Cornwall last week, our hearts sank. We'd already spent the most part of 6 hours in the van and the prospect of having to wait around was just hideous. When Kate arrived in a mere half an hour, she wasn't just efficient, she was absolutely lovely. With her lovely, upbeat personality, she made what could have been an awful incident into a fairly amusing one. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and advice! Hopefully we won't require your service again, but if we do and we're in the area, it's a no brainer who we'd use! Thanks, Kate! Sam "
"Called these guys after being passed a card by the garage attendant. Had already contacted The AA as am a member. Put petrol in diesel van on forecourt. AA useless. They wanted to send recovery truck to tow us to a safer place and were then going to call out their fuel services people to come out. They gave us an eta of 45 minutes but after half an hour they hadn’t even despatched a vehicle. Cancelled AA and called. Kate confirmed it would take approx 45 minutes to Get to us and that she would call 15 minutes ahead of arrival. True to her word that was exactly what she did. She helped push the vehicle over to the side of forecourt, drained the tank, filled up her can with diesel and popped it in our empty tank enabling us to drive back onto the forecourt and refuel. Great service. Kate was fantastic and cheerful and did the job. So glad we were given their details. What could have been a bad end to our day turned out to be the best outcome. Yes it cost us but less than the AA would have charged and we got to meet the lovely Kate too. Thanks Kate, your a star "
"Rapid service, very efficient. Full of smiles and laughs to make us feel much better about our mistake too! 10/10"
"5* service would highly recommend will recommend your services over and over again. Lovely lady came out to me and very friendly. On a cold night in the dark and she did a fab job thank you. "
"Arrived much quicker than projected and very helpful, friendly and reassuring! Thanks so much!"
"Hi, Kate came out to us after I put the wrong fuel in my car, she was so lovely and helpful, I don’t know what we would have done without her ! I was on holiday with my elderly parents and she saved our day. BIG THANK YOU ! 😀"
"Excellent service rapid responce customer services brilliant professional polite helpful well recommended A⭐"
"Thank you so much, amazing service very competent and efficient. Highly recommended. "
"Such a relief to get seen so quickly. The service was first class, 100% honest and progressional. I have no doubt that if I make that mistake again of filling my car with the wrong fuel, I know who to call. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.The technician who came to my rescue was amazing, thank you....... "
"Can’t praise this company highly enough. I would happily recommend them to anyone who has found themselves in similar situation. Both booking/payment and the roadside technician made the process so simple. "
"Just an absolutely amazing service yes we have to laugh but still was very quick and soon on my way thank you to the lovely lady (Kate) I think so yes just amazing Thank you Andy stone "
"Fantastic service from Profuel Services. Thank you. I only wish that the RAC had got in touch with them earlier rather than messing about with others companies who never bothered to to turn up or to advise what was happening. From the moment Profuel were asked to assist to the the time they finished, their service could not have been more friendly, efficient and helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a fuel clean - and the RAC could do better by putting Profuel at the top of their list of fuel drain specialists."
"Classic dingaling mistake…. Busy garage, couldn’t get to a pump on the right side and grabbed the wrong nozzle over the top of the car. Full tank of petrol in a diesel car…. Kate the technician was incredibly busy and the previous call was difficult so I had a bit of a waitbut When she arrived, she was lovely. Efficient, good fun and I was soon on my way. Reasonable price too. Don’t plan on doing in again but Wrong Fuel are tops! Many thanks."
"The service provided was excellent. They gave me an update when they were within 15 minutes of the car. They quickly got on with the job and then checked that the car was running smoothly before driving away. They were on site for about 20 minutes."
"Absolutely brilliant service from start to finish. We had fuel contaminated with water after filling up. Kate and Tim were amazing. We were kept informed via phone every step of they way. I will definitely be keeping their number on my phone, cannot fault the service and very reasonably priced. Thank you both"
"Very informative and helpful staff, cannot fault, they got us back on the road as soon as they could 😃"
"Kate was brilliant. She was helpful, knowledgeable and she solved the problem. Can’t believe I did this ! Can’t believe I fuelled with petrol in my diesel car but wrong fuel sorted it out and I’m delighted. Great service and lovely people. "
"Absolutely fantastic- 5 star service!!! Thank you so much to Kate for coming to rescue after I accidentally filled my Diesel car with petrol. With such a friendly and reassuring service from start to finish, communication was excellent and the knowledge and expertise was second to none. I highly recommend Wrong Fuel UK, Thank you!! "
"Kate was brilliant she was very friendly and calmly solved the problem of diesel in a petrol engine. She accompanied me to the petrol station and only left me once she was completely satisfied the problem had been resolved. Fabulous lady I would definitely recommend."
"Great response time Great service top man and top job highly recommend "
"Kate came out to me today she arrived quickly was very friendly, reassuring and very efficient. A brilliant service, thankyou "
"Brilliant service - friendly and efficient. After putting some unleaded into my wife’s diesel car (oops) I wasted half a day talking to my insurance company and the RAC. I should have just contacted wrongfuel UK. They came in a couple of hours and I was on my way. Much better than being dumped at a garage and waiting days to get the car back. Yes, I had to pay, rather than claim on my insurance, but it is more convenient and I think the charge of £190 is very reasonable given they had a 140 mile round trip from Plymouth and it was a Sunday! Highly recommended. "

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What you should do if you have put the wrong fuel in your car...

  1. Don't panic - Wrong Fuel UK can help you!
  2. Don't start your engine. If however, you have driven then stop and pull over somewhere safe.
  3. Call Wrong Fuel Ltd for free advice. Wrong Fuel Ltd are open 24-hours a day, 7 days-a-week.
  4. Call us on 0800 999 3835 or 0333 900 3835 (inclusive with mobile minutes).

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